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Kristen & Mac
Lyndal & Snoozer
Kristen & Rose
Lyndal & Zazu

About Us

Owners Kristen and Lyndal have been running KBS since 2004. They have both been riding at the stables since they could walk, and spent most of their teenage years volunteering to pick up poo and take pony rides and still after that tend to their own horses.

In the 17 years since their purchase, Kristen and Lyndal have continued the fine traditions of past owners, whilst also leaving their own footprint on the business.


Both accomplished riders themselves competing across the entire spectrum from western to eventing, Kristen & Lyndal are an often tested source of knowledge and experience. Their commitment to high standards of care that the stables are known for, is demonstrated by their own top show horses that live here.


While it may be every kids dream to own a horse stables, Kristen & Lyndal have certainly not rested since achieving that goal. Their continued desire to improve and their constant quest for innovation has seen the waiting list get longer and longer. 

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